Throughout my days I make sure to have a bite or two here and there of something that helps curb my sweet tooth.  Like after meals or in the afternoon.  Just a couple of bites.  Here are some of my fav sweets.




This flavor is my favorite in the quest bars…well, along with the Peanut Butter and Jelly, and the Vanilla Almond Crunch and the Double Chocolate Chunk and….well you get the drift.  Quest is one of my favorite things to use as an #IntentionalIndulgence because to me, they satisfy my taste for sweets just as much as a cookie or a brownie would.

I split these in half or into 3rds and eat them.

The Hero Bars are pretty good too.  Not crazy about the Blueberry, but love this one.  Again 1/2 or 1/3 a bar.


When it comes to protein bars, I like them to have plenty of fiber in them and these are great for a small snack.  I split these in 1/2 for my intentional indulgence.  So far, I have liked every flavor I have tried.

I love me some chocolate y’all and while the cocoa powder is great and I use it all the time, sometimes you just gotta have some chocolate.  This stuff is amazing and when I buy the individual pieces, it is great to carry around for dessert when I go out to eat or when I carry lunch.  I eat 1 or sometimes 2 at a time.  They are also great to melt in coffee.

This is my absolute favorite.  I used to only find it at Kroger and since we do not have one in Florence, I now get them from Amazon 🙂 Great for breaking a small piece off and just letting it melt in my mouth.

I do not think there has been a dark chocolate espresso bean that I have not enjoyed…I mean after all my favorite hashtag is #AlwaysCoffee  🙂  Just 3-4 will satisfy your craving if you eat them one at a time…and give ya a boost of energy to.