Hi, I’m Suanna Geater.

I am a Health Coach, Fitness Instructor,  Yoga Teacher, and Certified Sport & Exercise Nutrition coach.

I Empower Women to lose the weight & reclaim the health & fitness they put on hold to raise a family

I spent most of my life trying ALL the diets out there, doing the binge and restriction thing, spending hours in the gym  (which I actually enjoy but it is not great for my schedule or my body) and even after losing over 170 lbs and continuing to keep 150 of those pounds off,  I was still on the binge/restrict cycle and never satisfied with my body and my life.

I spent years trying multiple diets and every meal plan out there, I also immersed myself in courses and training programs trying to find the perfect diet and exercise regime.  Then after some personal growth work, I finally figured out I had to get off the diets and CREATE MY OWN LIFE the way I wanted it to be.  By incorporating daily healthy habits and rituals that support a healthy mind, body and spirit, I am able to continue to keep the weight off while still enjoying my ice cream or anything else I want with no guilty feelings, no running to the gym and doing hours of cardio to work it off and no restricting my diet for the next week.

I now enjoy going out with my family and friends and not worrying about what I am going to eat.  I love what my body can do and no longer chase after wanting someone else’s body or feeling like I need to be skinnier or leaner. I know I am good enough, smart enough and just all around enough.  Just as I am at this moment right now.  I love myself and my life.  I want that for you as well.  

If you are ready for this to be the last year you ever need to make a resolution to lose weight or get healthy, this Group Coaching program is the next step.


During the last 14 years working in the fitness industry, I have helped countless women lose fat, gain muscle, get fit get strong, stop dieting and create healthy nutrition habits that will sustain them for life.  I have shown them how to shift their thinking from a scarcity mindset or a feeling of lack to an abundance mindset and an attitude of gratitude.  I have helped women learn to stress less and enjoy life more by helping them to let go of the past and future expectations and be in the moment we have right now.


How Do I Know If Resolution Solution  Is Right For Me?

If you can say YES to any of the points below, I’m absolutely sure that you’re ready to lose the weight and create a lifestyle you love one meal, one workout and one moment at a time!
  • You’ve asked yourself, “Why the hell can I not get this right?”


  • You want to enjoy your life while losing weight instead of being  in the “diet mindset” of restrictions, bland foods, the loss of entire food groups


  • You’re exhausted from justifying why you haven’t succeeded.


  • You  are sick and tired of waiting to find the “right time” to start and are ready NOW


  • You’re REALLY ready to find out why you sabotage your dreams and goals.


  • You want to start living life NOW instead of waiting until you lose weight to be happy.


  • You want a coach who HAS lost the weight and created the lifestyle she loves because you know she “gets it”


  • You’re ready to accept that you have a fear of failure but are willing to face that fear and take action in order to find the confidence, self-esteem you have been missing and learn to love yourself and be proud of your accomplishments.



If you are looking  for a quick fix, this program is NOT for you

If you are looking for a program that teaches you what you need to know but does not hold you accountable, then this program is NOT for you

If you are looking for some fad diet or program that everyone else is out there doing, then this program is NOT for you

If  you are looking for someone who tells you what to eat “meal plan” or a coach that “tells you what to do”  then this program is NOT for you




  • Enrollment is extremely limited due to the amount of personal attention you will receive

  • Enrollment ends

  • Friday, January 25th

Program Dates:

January 28- April 20th.

You WILL be able to do this program even if you have vacation time or other trips scheduled.  This program teaches you how to navigate all areas of life.  Up to and including holidays and vacations.

Upon purchase, you can expect an email from me giving you the next steps for this program including information on when and how to access the closed Facebook group, how to schedule your personalized coaching calls with me, the forms you need to fill out etc.

Purchase Now $397


3 Payments of $147