Work with Suanna

 I currently teach several fitness and yoga classes in the Shoals Area of North Alabama.  Send me a message and I will fill you in on when and where I am currently teaching.  

I offer several in-person coaching options, (schedule permitting) along with several online coaching options.  

They Include:

  • Nutrition Workshops and other Health and Fitness Speaking Engagements
  • 1 on 1 coaching calls and coaching call packages
  • Kitchen Makeover
  • Grocery Shopping Lesson
  • 1 on 1 and Small Group Fitness Coaching Packages
  • Private or small group Yoga Sessions
  • Individual Nutrition + Mindset Coaching 
  • Individual Lifestyle Coaching (Fitness, Mindset & Nutrition)
  • Workouts Only

 A list of my offerings is below.  If any of them interest you, click the link below to fill out the application to work with me.  We will get on a free call to see if we are a good fit.

Apply here to work with Suanna


In Person Offerings

Nutrition Workshop or Speaking Engagement

$100 per hour

Individual Coaching Call

 $50 per half hour

Private Session

Strength Training OR YOGA  $65

Kitchen Makeover 

$197 (up to 3 hours) $65 per hour after 3 hours

Grocery Shopping Trip 

$127 (up to 2 hours) $65 per hour after 2 hours

Training Packages

8 sessions – $480 ($60 each)   Twice a week for 4 weeks

12 sessions – $660 ($55 each)   Twice a week for 6 weeks     OR         3 times a week for 4 weeks

18 sessions – $900 ($50 each)  Twice a week for 9 weeks     OR         3 times a week for 6 weeks

 Private 30 min Training Session

$50    You warm up before our session

  Small Group Session

Strength Training OR Yoga (2-4 people)

$40 per person

 4-Week Small Group Training (2-4 people) 

2 days a week

$250 per person

 Distance/Online Coaching Options


This is NOT a quick fix and is NOT a diet.  

My nutrition program is about learning how to eat in a way that is sustainable for life.

If you are looking for weight loss, (fat loss) you can lose the weight and keep it off forever using the tools you receive during this year-long course.

If you are looking create a healthier lifestyle, to feel better, improve your health markers or maybe get off some meds, this program is perfect for you as well.

If you are looking for all the above, this is definitely the program for you.

  • With my nutrition coaching, you get daily lessons sent to you via email, homework, a new habit every two weeks to work on and accountability check-ins with me.
  • You receive the tools and strategies you need to learn to enjoy your food and stop stressing over it.
  • You will not feel deprived, you will not have food restrictions and you will not calorie count.
  • You will learn how to eat for your particular body.
  • We will work together to achieve YOUR goals going at your pace.  Your success depends on how open you are to learning something new and different and exchanging a few behaviors.

This program is 52 weeks long and I require at least a 16-week commitment before agreeing to take you on as a client.

Why do I require 16-week commitment?  As I said, this is NOT a quick fix.  The first 16 weeks of this program give you all the foundational tools you will need for fat loss or for a healthier lifestyle.


Full-Service Nutrition + Mindset Coaching Options

One Payment – $997      

3 payments of $367   

Monthly Payments of $97 

  • One full year of coaching with Suanna
  • Curriculum received by daily email
  • Recipes and Meal Ideas
  • Basic Food List and Portion guide
  • New Habit every 2 weeks
  • Unlimited email access and support from Suanna (Monday-Friday)
  • FREE Weekly check-in call/appointment (up to 30 min) customized for you to best help you achieve your goals
  • FREE FaceBook Accountability Group



Full-Service Nutrition + Mindset +Training (workouts) options

One Payment – $1127 

3 payments of $415  

Monthly Payments of $112 

Receive all the above benefits PLUS

  • Multiple workout programs to choose from that meet you at your health and fitness level
  • workout videos for each exercise + progressions and regressions
  • Alternative workouts for at home or short on time



Email Only Nutrition + Mindset Coaching

$47 a month

With this option, you will still get the emails, homework and new habits, but there will be no feedback given on the lessons or any other interaction with me other than the one coaching call.
  • * One FREE coaching call with Suanna *
  • Curriculum received by daily email
  • Recipes and Meal Ideas
  • Basic Food List and Portion guide
  • New Habit every 2 weeks
  • FREE FaceBook Accountability Group

*As an existing client, coaching calls (30 min) can be purchased at a discounted rate of $35* 



Training (workouts) Only

$15 Month

  • Daily emails with workouts 
  • warm-up exercises with demo videos
  • demo videos for each exercise in the workout
  • progressions and regressions for each exercise with videos for each
  • Printable Workout Log Sheet

*As an existing client, coaching calls (30 min) can be purchased at a discounted rate of $35*




Hybrid Coaching Options

Online Nutrition/In-Person Training



Full-Service Nutrition + Mindset +Training (workouts) options

$397 a month

Receive all the above online Nutrition + Mindset + Training benefits PLUS

  • 2 in-person training sessions with me a week
  • workouts or movement for the other days of the week


Apply here to work with Suanna


1 on 1 coaching call packages available for troubleshooting and immediate help.  Choose your package below.

1:1 Coaching Calls


Number of calls