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Self-Love Empowerment Journey

October 17th – 20th

Self-Love Empowerment Journey

Embark on a transformative Retreat that unveils the answers you’ve longed for,

breaking barriers and elevating your well-being and existence.

As you delve into the depths of self-discovery,

embracing the harmony of your Mind, Body, and Spirit,

you will transcend mere survival and thrive abundantly.

Unveil the secrets to living in perfect alignment with your authentic self.



Sacred Feminine Unleashed
is for you if you...

Release old patterns to rediscover joy and confidence through changes in mindset and habits.

Renew your connection with a supportive community of women dedicated to growth and fulfillment.

Restore your inner child and wild woman within you by letting go of limiting beliefs that hold you back from the life you desire.

Gain clarity and insight to create lasting transformations in your life.

Cultivate a more nurturing relationship with food, your body, and your overall well-being.

Meet Your Retreat Coaches


Born and raised in TN with a 9-year side trip in the Shoals Area of North Alabama, Suanna’s purpose in life is to guide others in creating a life they do not want or need to run away from, and instead create a lifestyle they love.  Her ongoing personal transformation journey that encompasses weight loss, personal growth, and healing generational and personal trauma led her to explore a diverse range of Western, Eastern, and other holistic health and fitness modalities for a more comprehensive approach to overall wellness that encompasses the mind/body/spirit connection.

By integrating the wisdom of ancient sciences, traditions, and teachings and embracing holistic well-being, she strives to EMPOWER women to become physically and mentally strong, honor their authentic selves, learn to speak and stand in their truth, and live a life filled with joy and happiness of their own making.

As a Meat Head Yogini, Suanna is down-to-earth, direct, and compassionate.  She will be both your biggest supporter and your greatest challenger.  Guiding you to take Radical Responsibility and be accountable for your growth, she will help you become strong, and resilient and help you realize that you are enough right here and now as the IM-Perfectly EM-Powered woman you are.

Suanna wears many hats as a Certified Yoga Therapist, Meditation and Breath Work Coach, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach, as well as a Certified Masters Level Nutrition Coach and Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer. She teaches women to integrate ancient wisdom into today’s contemporary lifestyle so that they can THRIVE OVER SURVIVE.  

In workshops, challenges, and retreats, she provides a glimpse into the transformative teachings and practices, enabling you to create a loving and empowered lifestyle while embracing your divine uniqueness and fostering a curiosity for continued personal growth.


A wild woman filled with a fierce passion for women’s empowerment, healing, and triumph, driven by her journey through a series of life trials and experiences. With a deep commitment to personal growth and resilience, she has weathered challenges that have shaped a path toward creating a sacred environment for women to heal and overcome their challenges. 

Her story is one of resilience and transformation. Through the ups and downs of life, Annmarie learned the importance of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and the power of perseverance. These experiences have not only shaped her but ignited a vibration of fierce love, empathy, and understanding to guide other women on their journeys.

As a life coach, Annmarie is dedicated to helping women overcome obstacles, find their inner strength, and tap into their limitless potential. She draws from her life lessons to provide guidance, support, and a safe space for women to heal, grow, and ultimately conquer the highest level of self-love and delight in life’s journey. 

Annmarie’s mission is to empower women to rewrite their stories, embrace their authenticity, find their voice, and live life filled with purpose, confidence, and success. As a women’s facilitator Annmarie aspires to be a source of inspiration, guidance, and transformation, helping women to reclaim their lives and thrive.


I am a Certified Death Doula and Breathwork Facilitator and am in love with holding space for life-changing transformations that dive deep into your energetic alignment with your truest self; helping people come to terms with their fears about death and dying and learn the lessons to live a more fulfilling life.

I integrate high vibrational healing energies with breath, yoga, intuitive dance, vibrational sound, and sacred ceremony to support your inner healer and remember the Divinity within each of us. I host transformational breathwork sessions, sound bath meditations, and intuitive healing readings as well as support clients and their families on their final walk home to prepare for a good death.

The Venue - Dauphin Island

Dauphin Island, an island town in Mobile County, Alabama, United States, on a barrier island of the same name, in the Gulf of Mexico is where we will spend 3 days honoring all the elements of nature seeking, learning, letting go and transforming.

Your Retreat includes:

  • Daily Morning Meditation and Breathwork
  • Daily yoga/strength/movement practice
  • Group Coaching
  • Full Moon Release Ceremony
  • Writing Prompts and Creative Activities

and all meals included will be healthy
Ayurveda and nutritious!

Learn when to give yourself grace and when to double down and do the damn thing.  Begin to live with the circadian rhythms and seasons so that you can move throughout your day with joy and a sense of ease.

You deserve to Embrace the Art of Balance.

Embrace the profound wisdom of harmonizing with the natural cadence of the day and seasons, allowing joy and tranquil harmony to accompany each of your endeavors.

What the community is saying...


*Limited to 12 Women

Check-in Date: Thursday, October 17th from 1PM-4PM

Checkout Date: Sunday, October 20th, at 9AM

Does NOT include airfare or transportation to the beach house


If you have any questions about the retreat, please email one of the facilitators.

Prior to making a reservation, you will be directed to review and acknowledge the Terms and Conditions.



King Suite
(with attached Full Bathroom)

Single Payment

Payment Plan 1
$ 2,200

2 Installments

Payment Plan 2
$ 1,250

3 Installments

Payment Plan 3
$ 833

4 Installments

Payment Plan 4
$ 625

Queen Room

1 Queen bed with attached full bathroom 

Double occupancy

Single Payment

Payment Plan 1
$ 2,000

2 Installments

Payment Plan 2
$ 1,150

3 Installments

Payment Plan 3
$ 766

4 Installments

Payment Plan 4
$ 575


Top and bottom bunk beds are full-sized beds

(single-occupancy each bed) + Full Bathroom attached

Single Payment

Payment Plan 1
$ 1,800

2 Installments

Payment Plan 2
$ 1,050

3 Installments

Payment Plan 3
$ 700

4 Installments

Payment Plan 4
$ 525


$111 Per Person

EXTEND YOUR STAY! Check out on the 21st at 9AM

Dedicate the entirety of the day on the 21st to indulging in relaxation, restoration,

and the pleasures offered by the beach, heated pool,

and the valuable teachings provided during the retreat.

Embrace this opportunity to fully immerse yourself

in a rejuvenating and enriching experience.

*Lunch included*

*Dinner – out of pocket*

No payment method connected. Contact seller.


What you're getting when you pay the retreat in FULL...

Things to Note!

  • Parking at the Beach House is limited.  You can drive to the house to unload your car.  After unloading, you will need to park at Green Park which is adjacent to Ship and Shore.  One of the facilitators will follow you and bring you back to the beach house.
  • The Retreat will begin Thursday evening with Opening Ceremonies, a light supper, and an intention-setting session.  We have a full schedule on Friday and Saturday and will have a closing ceremony on Sunday morning before the check-out time at 11:00 am.  We will be at the Beach House the entire weekend.
  • Please inform one of the facilitators the week before the retreat if you require any dietary accommodations or have any food allergies. Most meals are vegetarian with an animal-based protein available on the side except at one meal where the entree will have lean meat. (you should also receive a form to fill out about this via email).
  • This is a non-alcoholic retreat.  We ask that you refrain from bringing or drinking any alcoholic beverages for the duration of the retreat.  Alcohol dulls the senses and our goal is for you to be able to fully embody the the retreat experience and any emotions that come up.
  • The King Rooms and the Queen Rooms are double occupancy.  You are paying for one spot in a bed that will sleep two.  You may be sleeping with someone you do not know.  If you prefer a specific roommate please tell one of the facilitators when you book the retreat.
  • The double beds in the bunk room are single occupancy.  You will be the only person sleeping in the bed.
  • When you have completed your reservation, please check your email inbox. You will receive a confirmation email stating you wish to receive further emails about the retreat. You must confirm in order to receive any updates that may be given before the retreat begins.

If you have any questions about the retreat, please contact one of the facilitators.