Treasures and Trash

 It is not even 10 am when I began writing this and it has already been a day filled with treasures!!!

I was able to sit outside in shorts to drink my coffee  and journal this morning! In February!! How great is it that it was warm enough to do that in February?!? I also had my first morning neighborhood walk of the year today and it was so freaking wonderful! The reason it was the first one of the year is because I am super sensitive to cold and it is not good for me to be out when temperature is below 45 degrees. ? Okay, yea, I did not buy that either…. ???. I will admit it, I am a big ass baby and do not like to be cold so I have been doing my morning walks on the treadmill lately.

I love these early morning walks. The birds and insects sing to me, the grass and trees talk if I listen hard enough, and I get some morning movement in to really wake me up and kick start my day. I often find a little treasure on these walks as well. I most often find a feather or a coin here or there and maybe another interesting little item that makes me smile or brings back a fond memory. Today though, boy did I find lots of treasures and interesting tidbits on my walk.

In the photo above you see the things that I kept from today. The feathers and coins I keep in a tray, the other items may stay on the side table for a few days to make me smile remembering that particular walk until something else interesting comes along.

I find feathers blowing onto my path often, and I see coins on the ground pretty regularly as well, but only rarely do I find several of either in different areas along my path. While I do sometimes find multiples, they are found within a few feet of each other instead of spread out along 3 miles. The star is one of those plastic children’s rings and just made me smile. The puzzle piece was an interesting find because I when I found it I was thinking of something that was “puzzling” to me, which is why I noticed it. The ball with the other little balls? Who knows, it was just one of the things I found on the road, picked up and played with on my walk. I liked the rattle sound it made.

Now, for the things you do not see that were along my path. Things I did not keep but made a lasting impression on me. The large amounts of trash along the side of the road.

I found a total of 16 of those little airplane bottles of fireball! 16! And while it is a little funny that someone really loves their cinnamon,  It is also sad that this person or anyone for that matter, finds it necessary to throw the empty bottles  or trash of any kind out  of a vehicle window.  Along my walk, I also found several other little empty airplane size bottles of alcohol (probably 8 or more), an empty pint bottle of vodka, umpteen beer cans and broken beer bottles, empty soda cans, empty cigarette packs, other plastic drink bottles, random pieces of paper, a variety of fast food containers and bags, a basketball, and 1/2 a jar of Nutella! I mean who the heck throws away Nutella??? That shiz is waaaay to tasty to be throwing away a jar that has not been completely cleaned out with your finger till there is not enough left for even the flies to want.

I absolutely love walking in nature.  It is an activity that is fun, relaxing, helps keep me grounded and mindful of the things around me and I get to enjoy and appreciate the sights and sounds of the small animals, insects and trees and plants wherever I am walking.  So, when I go on these walks, it makes me sad to see the things that get tossed to the side of the road disturbing the natural beauty around us.  Let us all please be mindful of our waste material. Keep a paper or plastic bag in the car for trash and throw it in a proper receptacle instead of tossing it out our vehicle window.  When we go for walks and or hikes lets be sure to use the Leave No Trace philosophy and take a paper or plastic bag with you to pick up behind those that don’t.

Now that I got that little rant out of the way, on to more treasures for the day!  I burnt an entire pan of bacon!  Almost a pound thick sliced bacon!  Not burnt to a crisp, but burnt enough that I am the only one in the house that will eat it.  That means MORE bacon bits for me and any BAS I make this week!  Grocery Shopping is on the agenda after I finish this post!  Grocery shopping is fun because I like to see the fridge get full again after slowly emptying it over the week.  It is satisfying.  A short dip in the hot tub if the rain does not come in and then the required Sunday afternoon nap!  Then I will spend the evening finishing up some programming for my clients which is always fun!  Of course, this is how I WANT the rest of my day to go….but probably not how it will end up at all…and that is okay to. Learning to roll with the flow of the day is another treasure in itself.

What do you do on your Sunday Funday? Leave a comment under the link to this post on my FB page   I hope your days is totally filled with Treasures!




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  1. Watch old classic movies with my hubby and coconut oil popcorn with Parmesan and steamed edamame with sea salt!!! Hot tub and wine under a full moon tonight, but any moon on any night, I did mention the wine, right? (Sometimes he takes a fireball) just sayin. Everything disposed of responsibly.

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