Bubble Butts, Boulder Shoulders & Quadzillas…Oh My

I find it absolutely hilarious that one of the most popular posts and one that reached more people on my Facebook Page than any other thing I have posted over the last 9 months has been a post about my ass!

Seriously!  Check it out.  I did a brag post on Facebook about my ass just because it was really looking mighty fine that day.  I had not even worked out yet and that baby was just as perky as could be.

Yep, Baby Got Back! 🙂  Click the pic and it will take you to a larger image where you can see it better…as well as the boulder shoulders and the quadzillas.

I often do mindset posts that are usually pretty well received so and never had a clue this one would be even popular.  I was thinking that people would be thinking, oh good grief, there is Suanna with another gym selfie , so Oh LAWD I laughed soo hard when I realized that this post had an unbelievable reach compared to all of my other posts.

But hey, you know what? That’s GREAT to, because I am damn proud of my body, how it looks and what it can do.  I have worked really hard to get it looking like this.  It was also awesome because I had people sending me private messages wanting to know what I did do get the bubble butt, wanting a butt program of their own and I even got a private client out of it.  Win Win.

Just to be fair, so that my shoulders don’t get all jealous, I do have people ask me quite often what I do for upper body workouts because my arms do look do show some good definition most of the time.  You cannot see it as well in this photo, but, I have work my shoulders really hard over the last few years due to them being soo freaking tight from sitting at a desk for 30 years.

Now, rewind back 3 years ago and I was a good bit leaner than I am now, I had hella muscle definition and even outlines of abs.  I could even do a pull-up!  Just one, but I GOT A PULL-UP.  That was freaking amazing to me.

Not to shabby if I do say so myself.  You can also click this pic to enlarge it.

What I did not have at this time…other than a bubble butt that is?  Well, for one, I had no love for myself or my body.  I absolutely hated my body.  I was never satisfied with it, no matter what.  It does not matter that I had lost over 150lbs and was kicking ass and taking names in the weight room.  I was obsessed with the image of what I thought my body should look like and was beating it up all the time depriving it of food if I gained a pound or did not lose enough weight one month, only to binge later.  Or completely exhausting myself with grueling workouts that took hours a day to complete.  Only to find out that I was doing more damage than good because I kept getting small injuries here and there because my body was just dog ass tired, but I would not listen to it and take a break.  I was sure that if I took even a couple days off that all that weight would just pile right back on.  I was that obsessed and scared.

I had absolutely no confidence in myself and any knowledge I had.  I was scared of my own shadow and would not speak to anyone unless spoken to first. I seldom posted anything on social media and never commented even when I had an opinion on something because I was scared of confrontation and was terribly passive aggressive.

I will admit, that at the time of the pull-up photo that I had recently began a journey inward towards finding some loving kindness and compassion for myself.  It took me a lot of research, time and stumbles and falls before I found my grove, but when I did you bet your ass that I ran with it.

Now, here we are 3 years later, and like I said at the beginning, I love what an amazing thing my body is, what it can do and how well it has treated me over the years even though I continuously abused it for years and years.  I am approximately 10lbs heavier in the top photo than in the pull-up photo, have more body fat, and no ab definition.  OH WELL.  What I do have is a great ass, boulder shoulders that look amazing in anything sleeveless, quads that will bust a watermelon and I am happier with myself and my life than I have ever been.   I have a created a lifestyle…a healthy lifestyle that I love where I look good but more important I FEEL GOOD in my body and in my head, which is what I was looking for in the first place.

How about you?  Is that what you really want?  To look good and to feel good?  To get off the diet cycle and to be able to eat and move in ways that you like that are sustainable for life? To have peace of mind, to stress less and to be able to enjoy life more?  If you answered yes to any or all of the questions above, I can help you find all of those in my Empowering Life 12 Week Group Coaching program.

This is a behavioral change (habit based) program, and in it I give you the tips, tools strategies and exact steps you need to create a lifestyle you love; one meal, one workout and one moment at a time.

I show you how you can take your life into your own hands, stop dieting, get in efficient workouts that get you out of the gym in less than an hour, instead of spending hours doing endless cardio or all the classes you can fit in.   I help you create an attitude of gratitude and learn mindfulness skills so that you no longer feel the need to wish for the past or wait for the future, or to try to find happiness in some person, place or thing and instead find that happiness within yourself now!

Registration is only open until this Sunday at midnight central time and I am limiting the group to only 10 because while this is Group Coaching, it is also very much personalized for YOU and what your goals are.  Whether they be fitness, mindset or nutritional…or all of the above.

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And here is a great workout so that you can begin to get your bubble butt, boulder shoulders and quadzillas.

Deadlift/Curl/Press – 10 reps

Lunge/Row – 10 reps (5 each leg)

Squat/Front Raise – Stand/Side Raise – 10 reps

Renegade Row w/ pushup – 10 reps    any push up variation,  can substitute a  bent over row if renegade rows are too difficult.

Complete 4 rounds and then 1 solid minute of burpess.

Complete all reps of one exercise before moving to the next exercise.  Rest as little as possible but as much as necessary.