5 reasons to shop at a farmer’s market

Other than the heat, the sun and being in the water as often as possible, one of my favorite things about summer is Farmer’s Markets.  Farmer’s Markets are the BEST.  I absolutely adore them.  I think they are one of the best things since sliced bread, cuz lets get real.  if you have ever baked your own bread, then you know that having to slice it is a bitch.

In the summer and fall I make a point to have my route to and from work to pass by the farmer’s market so that I will not forget to stop by and pick up whatever is being grown locally at this time.

Farmer’s markets are an amazing resource for many reasons.  I mean first and foremost we are getting what we KNOW to be super fresh food because all of that goodness was probably picked the night before  if not just right before they left for the venue; and we all know that there are few things that taste as good as fresh picked veggies and fruits…at least I hope we all know that.  In any case, if you did not know it then, you do now.

Second reason that Farmer’s Markets are so great is that even if they may not be certified organic farms, many of these farmers are very careful with how they grow their food stuff.  After all, this food is not only part of how they make a living, it is food they feed their families as well.  I do not know about you but I personally do not like to feed my family things that I know could harm them.  I am not going to go into all the differences between organic and natural at this time.  I think both are great, and most of them will most likely be one or the other.

Reason number 3 that I love a farmer’s market?  The prices are usually super reasonable.  Unless you get someone who wants you to haggle with them.  Then you just get to have have a bit of fun along with the bargain.  Also, in my experience, when you do haggle and do not do it very well, the farmer will usually throw something else in for free.  See that photo up top?  That is my haul from the farmer’s market this morning.  Less than $10 for all of those goodies (I think it was $8.50)

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Reason number four of why I love a farmer’s market is actually two fold.  Part 1 of 2 – We are getting food stuff that is in season for us right now.  In today’s day and age with all the different growing methods, shipping and trucking and all the preservatives available, we are able to find and purchase almost any type of food at any given time of the year.  Even foods that are not typically in season at this time, or even native to our area.  The thing about that is, that foods that are in season are typically at the peak of their freshness and nutritional value and we get more benefit nutritionally from eating foods that are in season than if we are eating foods that have been shipped or trucked in and there is no telling how long ago they were picked, not to mention they are less expensive when in season.  Part 2 of 2 – We actually tend to eat a wider variety of foods when we eat food that is in season.  We humans are funny.  We do not like change, and that goes with our food as well.  We get stuck eating the same things over and over and over.  So eating foods that are in season, will help us get a wider variety of foods as well as help us to get a wider variety of vitamins and minerals that we otherwise may not get.

The fifth but definitely not the least important reason why I love a farmer’s market is that when I purchase products from one of the vendors I am helping support and grow my my local economy as well as helping grow a local sustainable farm.  I am a firm believer in purchasing as many products as possible from local small business owners.  After all, as a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach I am a small business owner myself.  You can download my free healthy+ fast food recipes right HERE

Hopefully if not all of these reasons, fresh, healthy, economical, in season, nutrient dense and supporting local business do not resonate with you, then at least one of the reasons will have you stopping at your local farmer’s market this week.  It is seriously a great way to add lots of fresh tasty food to your nutrition plan.  I also usually find an oddball veggie or two that I may not have ever tried before.

If there is not a local farmer’s market in your area, sign up for Community Supported Agriculture (CSA project)  It is when a local farm will send you a box of in season products for a specific price range every so often.  Check the USDA’s website for one near you.

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