WoW…They’re So GREEEEN!

Ok, confessions time here.  The title of this blog is corny as all get out, and if you are a child of the 80’s and you are a James Spader fan then you will know the title of this blog is a terrible reference to one of my very favorite movies from way back when. Tuff Turf.  I mean seriously, whats not to like.  Cool clothes, great music, and a Teen heart throb 🙂  All of which have absolutely nothing to do with this blog post, but for some reason I could not get it out of my mind….and yea, I am goofy as all get out and make terrible movie references a lot in my everyday life and they will probably leak over in here as well.  And I am betting I will be looking for that movie on Netflix or Amazon Prime over the weekend.  WAIT!  YOUTUBE HAS THE ENTIRE MOVIE?  WHOOPEE 🙂

Ok, now that that is over with!.  Back to what I am here to talk to you about.  Greens Powders!

Do you take a greens supplement? If not, you should.

For the last 4 years I have been taking a greens supplement, and while I am not going to say that it is the only reason I don’t get sick other than a bout of allergies from the freaking Bradford Pear trees in the spring, (cuz let’s get real, I have done a complete health overhaul since 2012) I will say that I firmly believe that it helps keep my immune system strong with the antioxidant panel and helps support my gut health due to the digestive enzymes and probiotics. It also has a tad bit of added fiber if you need to be adding fiber in your diet.

I have tried a few different brands and will give my personal reviews of them as well as give some recommendations of other greens powders that some of of the most renowned health and fitness experts like in my newsletter that will be coming out on Sunday, but today I want to talk about Amazing Grass Green Superfood because it is one that I keep coming back to more often than others for several reasons.

  1. It is easily accessible. Target has it and will price match with Amazon if I run out before my next Amazon order. (it is even cheaper if you do an auto ship) FYI:  Target has the “new look” and the last 2 I received from Amazon the last 2 months have still been the “old look” so if newest batch is important to you even though the shelf life is quite long, take note that the ones from Target are newer fresher batches.
  2. Cost wise it is one of the more economical brands for those on a tighter budget when it comes to supplements.
  3. It has a decent panel of organic, vegan, gluten free Non GMO ingredients
  4. Wide range of flavors to choose from, cuz here here is the thing that would turn many people off of this product.  Some people do not like the “green” or “grassy” taste of of the original flavor.   Not me tho, I like it.   But, if you try the original and do not like it with plain water, you can always throw your scoop of powder in your morning smoothie or in a glass of juice. Easy Peasy.
  5. Also offers individual packets for traveling or if you just need to get out the door quickly.

If you are interested in knowing more about these greens powders for improving your health, maybe getting in an extra serving of nutrients you might not get if you do not eat many veggies, having more energy, better digestion, etc as well as my favorite brands and other brand recommendations from other health experts, make sure you sign up for my newsletter that is going out on Sunday evening!

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